Editing a theme to support Comic Easel There are currently only a handful of themes that have native support Comic Easel, that doesn’t mean they can’t, it’s just that the code inside of the theme is not added yet, so it’s up to you if you want to use the theme to add the support for it.
Support for Comic Easel is quite simple, there are really just only a couple lines of code to add to the theme; and those are ‘action’ codes that WordPress uses to declare a specific position to enable things to link into it. With Comic Easel, we use the comic-area action location primarily for displaying the comic.

1 do_action('comic-area');

This code should reside in whatever is used to display the home page and the single content pages. There are additional action sections available, but we’re going to focus on this one.
A user sent me a theme called Spacious to modify to allow Comic Easel to work with it, and this is what I did to make that happen.