What is ComicPress?

ComicPress is a WordPress Comic publishing theme that is a very good one. This theme is used all over the world by many popular web comic publications. Actually, this system theme is used for daily publishing comics, so if you want to collaborate in a work like this, or share your comics, it is kindly recommended to visit the official website and discover more about it, and it is guaranteed that you won’t regret it if you start using it. ComicPress can offer you a lot of options and changes with which you can take control on everything and do like you think it is the best. Do not be afraid to start something that you want to, try to use it and share and publish your daily comics.

What are the possibilities that ComicPress can offer?

You can search on Internet and finding websites that are included in this theme, you can see what is really possible if you use this them and if you use some of the add-ons that can offer you. With it you can get a clear picture about what you can really make using this theme. ComicPress is shown in its true form and its possibilities with amateur interpretation of a good comic publishing platform, but if someone is trying to start using it, this is not that simple theme to work on. First you will have to build experience and knowledge about the page and its usage, so after that it can be easy to work with. Also, there are a few things that are good to know, for example that there are two display modes for ComisPress. One is the comic view and the other one is the blog. If you want you can display solely the blog or the comic, but you can save them like separated parts of the site.

Is there any chance to install ComicPress?

It is always better when there is option for installation of this theme and that is hosted by you, not by WordPress. Also, it is good to know more about WordPress. For example It is called like that – content management system. This system usage is a positive benefit because is a main ingredient by large amount of blogs, or company websites, web shops. On that way, you can realize that it is connected with ComicPress, so there is a big benefit with existing this kind of system in the comic industry because it is the main relation between WordPress and that kind of industry.
Another benefit is that using this kind of program and using ComicPress is entirely free, so you do not have to worry about the installation if it can ask you for payment or trial package. This is free, so you can use it whenever you like, and without wasting money. Also, if you need help about the settings, you can use the guide to build your own WordPress site. You can search on Internet and you can find the official web site from where you can download and install ComicPress if you want to. After that you just have to unzip it and install it, but if there are problems with the host’s file manager does not support the extraction, you can unzip it each file separately, so you can see that there is no such a hard or complicated thing at all. Very important is to remember that your theme files must be in a comicpress folder because it won’t work on other way. Related with the installation, when you are done with everything that is mentioned above, you can go to Plugins, Add New in the WordPress side bar and install the Comic Press manager and the Theme companion plugins. After, all you have to do is to activate them well so you can be sure in your installation so you will have guaranteed high quality work. Select Appearance, Themes and activate the ComicPress theme that you can notice it under the available themes.
Like it is mentioned above, there are two categories, Blog and Comic. You can choose Comic if you want to enjoy in the possibilities that can offer you. Also, if there is everything okay, you can choose now between Blog, Comic and Uncategorized. Now, follow the instructions that are given next:
Posts -> ComicPress -> Manager Configuration, and when you are done, scroll down and click to the First Run button. Actually you are doing this just to manage your comics and publishing. Also, if you want to make sure that your installation can detect the “Blog” or “Comic” categories that you will create later, you can go to Posts -> ComicPress -> ComicPress Configuration. There are more possibilities that can be useful for you, for example if you want to configure the general ComicPress set-up. If you want to do that, you just have to click on Appearance -> ComicPress Options and you can choose there when you see the list and options because there are many, but they are self- explanatory. There is one interesting thing that is related with the installation and that is for the basic installation that there is an option if you want to disable either blog or comment on your landing page.

What you can do with ComicPress

Maybe you do not see many benefits that can attract you to start using this system theme, but it is guaranteed that once you use it, you will never be able to forget it because it can amaze you with the changes and unique options that it can offer to you. For example if you want to target a specific CSS element identifiers, there are given on this official website so you can use any of them before another CSS or ID in your CSS so it will be used only for the browser that is viewing the page. But no matter all, all browsers can use this system theme and the margin top, but you should have to know that this ability is only for ComicPress, not for the other themes, because if you use them on other themes they won’t work for sure.

What can offer ComicPress?

If you search and investigate more, you can discover that ComicPress can offer a lot. Also there are a lot of plugins that you can use and a lot of options that can serve you to solve some problem that you have and the solution is right ComicPress. There is no point if you just read and try to fix out what is really going on with this WordPress theme, but actually, if you are interested about it, you should go to the official page, search a little bit more, and maybe find the option to install it and use it to publish daily comics.

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