What is ComicPress?

WordPress is such an impressive blogging platform that you can almost do anything you’d like to do with it! People all over the world actively use WordPress to get their word out into the world, in whichever manner they prefer.
If you’re a comic enthusiast, you’d be glad to know that not only can you use WordPress for regular publishing of your articles and posts, but also for publishing online comics. This task has been made much easier by an awesome theme or a kind of WordPress framework popularly known as ComicPress. Unlike other commercial themes, this one is solely focused on one task - publishing comics on the Internet and providing an efficient platform for doing just that.

It’s used by the best!

ComicPress is marketed as a premium WordPress comic publishing theme and is already used by several web comic publications such as Octopus Pie, Extra Life, Dr. McNinja, Player vs Player, Foxtrot, Nuklear power and Starship. You can check out these online comics and many more that actively use ComicPress to get a good idea about the possibilities you can explore using this theme (combined with a few handy add-ons).

We’d like to make it clear to our readers here that this is not official website of ComicPress. We’re ComicPress enthusiasts just like you! Anyone interested in learning more about the ComicPress theme must visit its official website at frumph.net

Having been using it for quite some time now, we can confidently state that ComicPress is far from an amateur interpretation of what should be an excellent comic publishing platform. It is actually one of the best comic publishing platforms you'll find in the marketplace today, that has also been featured in various lists of the best WordPress themes available for free and willingly used by many comic website owners throughout the world.

Ease of usage!

The way this theme has been built, you’ll be able to publish your comics, just like you publish different blocks of written content on the web. The theme will provide you with the required inbuilt comic display, archiving and navigation features, apart from giving you the ability to handle them as you may deem fit.

It has a very clean and neutral style, designed specifically to help creative people to use it right out of the box. However, learning a bit about CSS will help you customize and style your comics even better. What more, you can even visit some technical Wordpress themes related forums or the ones specifically about web comic themes to learn more from the ongoing discussions there. If needed, you can even put up questions and seek assistance from the contributors on such forums.

The evolution of ComicPress

ComicPress theme first came into being in November 2005, when blogging had suddenly become a huge hit and had started garnering a great amount of interest among the common populace throughout the world!

Software developers everywhere were writing endless lines of codes for making flexible and user-friendly blogging platforms for bloggers. The creator of the ComicPress theme was clever enough to bank upon the growing popularity of WordPress and came up with a WordPress theme that would help people to publish comics on the Internet, thereby providing them with an efficient web comic publishing platform that they always needed. Many developers were involved in coding this project and soon after its launch, ComicPress became an industry standard for the online publishing of comics!

Thereafter, in May 2008, a plug-in for managing the ComicPress theme was launched. It would accompany the theme and automate several different comic management tasks. It even helped in further development of many inherent functions of the ComicPress theme.

Come July 2009, the ComicPress team set on a new code development path that would lead to the creation of a long list of features promised in the highly anticipated ComicPress version 2.8. Thanks to all of their efforts, ComicPress has evolved into a very powerful system for easy publishing of online comics today. The fact that it’s actively used by hundreds of well-known web comic websites today, is a testimony of its huge popularity.

Some popular ComicPress features

Some of the well-known features of ComicPress are:
– You get a handsome choice of five different kinds of page layouts: graphic novel, vertical, standard, vertical 3 column and 3 column.
– It’s a fairly clean and easily styled web comic theme.
– There is support available for threaded comments as well.
– The reader gets an easy to navigate comic because of comprehensive comic navigation features including first page, previous page, next page and last page. You can provide chapter navigation too, which can be accessed from above the comic area.
– The sidebars can be easily customized using the comic-specific widgets.
– Apart from the native archiving feature of the WordPress, you can make use of the five different archive page templates in order to effectively display your archives.
– You can provide your readers with the inbuilt search and comic transcription features.
– The comics can be made more interesting by providing infinite hierarchy storylines (by making use of the ComicPress manager plug-in). This way, you can categorize your offerings by chapters and volumes, to any level of depth you need.

Some useful features of the ComicPress add-on plugins

Using the ComicPress companion plug-in:
– You can easily upgrade the ComicPress theme without having to lose out on your custom styling features.
– You’ll no longer have to be concerned about making any unwanted harmful modifications to the actual style sheet of the ComicPress theme.
– You can easily edit your styles from inside the WordPress admin area.

Using the ComicPress manager plug-in: – You can quickly upload your comic files to your portal, without having to go through the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) route. This can be done either one file at a time or in the form of a zipped multi file batch.
– You can make bulk edits to your comic posts and alter their filenames and/or dates easily.
– Verification of the image files, catching of errors and adjustments / corrections to the filenames will become extremely easy.
– You can use the Quomicpress feature (quite like Quickpress) enabling you to post your new comics from within the WordPress dashboard.
– You can easily organize and create different storyline categories.
– You can quickly and easily configure the ComicPress theme setup and analyze it comprehensively.
– You can create multiple posts and carry out bulk import for an already existing comic archive.
– You can automate the comic thumbnails creation process for your feed or archive.

Final Word

The advent of internet revolutionized the way in which creators of independent comics used to produce and offer their work to interested readers. There are several different ways in which you can publish your work online. But if you need nothing but the best, you must use Wordpress running the ComicPress theme!

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