Latest Thumbnail widget is now just Thumbnail

The latest thumbnail widget is now called Thumbnail where there are now a few more options. You can now specify the 1st comic in the category you chose as well as even set it to display a random comic from the archive. If you choose it is written that it will never display the same comic that is currently displayed on the site.

With ComicPress, you can specify unique and individual changes for each browser type, including mobile devices.

Browser Specific ‘targetting’ CSS element identifiers:


Basically if you use any of these identifiers *before* another css Class or ID in your css it will specifically only be used for that browser that views the page.

For example:

.somecssbox {
      margin-top: 10px;

^ The above will make a margin-top of 10px on whatever CSS element you chose, however say it doesn’t look correct in IE browsers because IE does whatever IE does and gives it another additional pixel.

So this is how you override it by being browser specific”

.somecssbox {
      margin-top: 10px;

.ie .somecssbox {
      margin-top: 9px;

All browsers will use the margin-top: 10px; and because you put the .ie .somecssbox directly after it, all IE based browsers will use the 9px margin-top. Which fixes the look of your site specifically for IE.

You of course can do this for all the other browser types as well.

  1. This is a ComicPress specific ability, won’t work on other themes.
  2. iphone refers to most mobile phones apparently.

Commander Kitty

Commander Kitty is just out and about in space, trying to make a name for himself (and his crew of misfits) when he runs into an actual spacer named Nin Wah, with an actual adventure on her hands! Will CK finally earn his rep as a bold and daring spacer, or will he tuck tail and run away screaming?


RPGdonts is everything you should not do at the gaming table. We make an ass out of our selves so you don’t have to. I wish I could insert cool background story with lasers, killer robots holding swords and hot chicks but I can’t. We are just a bunch of gaming geeks making fun of other gaming geeks.


d20monkey is a humerous (occasionally crude and comically violent) strip created by a gamer for gamers, focusing on the lives of two RPG/Gamer geeks Sam and Brett as they observe the worlds in and outside of the games they play. Through the growing cast of characters the strip shines a light on the largely good and the occasionally bad sides of tabletop RPG’s but always with a laugh or inappropriate dick joke. d20monkey occasionally features strong language, comedic violence, and suggestive terms that may be inappropriate for young children but to be honest, most kids around 12-13 have seen and heard far, far worse.

Binary Souls/Other Dimensions

A robot, a witch and a hologram get stuck inside a super computer that houses a bunch of gaming levels where they fight evil. The evil wants to escape back into the real world and our main characters are trying to stop that from happening.

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