This article is all about 10 interesting facts related to ComicPress them that all current ComicPress users as well as prospective ComicPress users should know about.

Let’s go over them as follows:

1. ComicPress was designed in a manner that it’ll help you post your comics online, sequentially day after day. Each new day would mean a new comic post. Please note, the main purpose of this theme was not to facilitate creation of multiple comics each day. Although that can be achieved by posting multiple comics the same day, but with the limitation of posting them under only one comic post per day.

2. You can set your comics only under one single category. So, when you’re posting your online comic, you must set it either under the storyline category, a comic category or a subcategory of the comic category. Always remember this rule – only one category per comic.

3. The way ComicPress theme was built, it can be used to its full potential even without the use of ComicPress manager. Although ComicPress manager can be sometimes seen having quite a few bugs, it definitely makes the use of ComicPress theme much easier.

4. The original ComicPress theme came into being in the year 2005. Later on, as more and more people got involved in the development process, the ComicPress manager came into being in the year 2008. The entire development process at the ComicPress was overhauled in the year 2009 and its result was ComicPress version 2.8, which was a far evolved product in comparison to the earlier 2.7 version. The latest 4.2.2 version that we see today has its roots in version 2.8.

5. The users of ComicPress theme never saw a version 3.0 launched in the marketplace. Actually, once the version 2.8 was evolved and bettered into 2.9.#.#.# series, the later versions skipped the 3.0 series and jumped straight to version 4.0 and above. So, even though version 3.0 never came out, we’ve already seen version 4.0 and above!

6. The reason behind the ComicPress theme staying true to its original method of displaying the comics on a per day basis is because the original creators wanted to maintain its backward compatibility. Although, for them to completely change it from the root is as simple as pulling the switch, their intent of offering backward compatibility is to keep the loyalty of people who have been using ComicPress for several years now, without facing any hassles.

7. The versions 2.8 and above of ComicPress theme were developed in a manner that if you don’t keep their features enabled, they won’t get executed or parsed. It means that the lesser features of the ComicPress theme you keep enabled, the quicker it’ll run.

8. You must always keep in mind that the usage of storyline categories significantly slows down and reduces the display process of every child storyline category.

9. Many people comment that all web comic sites created with ComicPress theme look just the same. The reason behind this is that a large majority of artists don’t have any web designing skills and hence they can’t make the most of the CSS of their website. Secondly, having a comic book in a standard format enables the readers to navigate it easily, as they may already be well aware of the format. Hence, the familiarity factor is pretty high that way.

10. As against the common perception, you’re allowed to post different or multiple comics on the same ComicPress installation. However, due to the backward compatibility factor discussed above, you’ll still have only one comic post per day.

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