All versions of the ComicPress theme that were launched from the version 2.8 onwards brought a new surge of life force to it. Many modifications were done to the version 2.8 and the last known and available version of the product is 4.2.2. Let’s go over some of the unique features of the versions 2.8 and above.

Some features unique to ComicPress version 2.8 and above

Customizable menubar
The new versions have a customizable menu bar, enabling the users to create sub category drop downs and different menu items without the need of creating different pages. You can add a search form, mini navigation buttons, RSS link or add the author’s email address too. What more, as the menu bar is available in a widget form, it can be easily placed anywhere you deem fit inside the layout.

Easily selectable or creatable graphic navigation buttons
You can either create a set of your own graphic navigation buttons or select from the already available ones. These can help you with comprehensive navigation features. Some of the readily available buttons are chapter navigation button, archive button, random comic button, buy a print version button and comment button. These are available in the form of widgets which can be placed anywhere you like.

Innovative design
The new ComicPress versions have a neutral as well as sleek design which can be either used as it is or replaced by your own colors or graphics (completely or partially).

Extensive layout options
The 5 base layouts (selectable from the theme options) can be further customized in several different ways by using the 20 useful widgets (which can be added through WordPress widget library) and spreading them out over the 13 widgetized areas inside the layout.

Creating exclusive content
You can create members’ only content, which can be only viewed by users that you’ve tagged as members.

Attractive heading icons
You can add calendar date icons to your mood icons, gravatars or posts. Coming to the mood icons, you can either create and upload your own or select from the ones that are already available. These mood icons can be handled separately for the blog and comic posts.

Numbered pagination
You can get the paged navigation by turning on the numbered pagination.

ComicPress companion add-on
This is a new plug-in which is targeted at better styling of your online comics created with ComicPress theme. You can make improved style modifications to your comic website without the need of changing any of the theme files. You’ll always have the option of returning to the old ComicPress style if you don’t like the end result. Please note, you’ll not lose any of your style modifications if you upgrade to any future ComicPress theme releases.

Graphic hovertext
In versions 2.8 and above, you can replace the old hovertext option which used to display certain text every time the user would hover over a comic image, with a new character and dialogue balloon.

Buy this print option
You can use this option for selling the print version of your web comics. The theme will give you the flexibility of customizing your prices as well as the individual options. It’s available in the form of a button widget (selectable from the widget library) that can be easily placed inside your comic layout. It can even be included inside the graphic navigation.

Other features
Some other attractive features of the ComicPress theme versions 2.8 and above are: ComicPress companion, calendar wallpaper, calendar archive graphics, user/author pages, extended comment code, support for SWF (Flash) files and more!

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