Whether you’re a novice or a professional web comic creator, there are some important questions you must ask yourself before starting creating online comics with ComicPress. The answers to these questions will determine how impactful and good comics you manage to create. Let’s go through these questions and understand them well.

Question #1 - Why are you interested in creating comics?

This is by far the most important question you’ll need to answer. What more, you’ll see yourself revisiting it over and over again during the comic creation journey. On those long nights, when you’ll feel tempted to give up everything and enjoy sound sleep like all others, it is the answer to this question that’ll keep you going! Ask yourself – “Why you’re doing it?!” If you’re only in it for money or for business/marketing reasons, you won’t be able to survive for very long. It has to be solely and solely for the love of creating comics!

Question #2 - What do you want to show through your comics?

This is another very important question as it’ll make you ponder whether you want your comic to be simply a storytelling venue or a type of personal expression. It is this question that’ll form the foundation of your online comics. While some people are excellent storytellers, others are very good at recounting personal stories or telling jokes in an engaging manner. If you’re unsure about the answer to this question, simply write whatever you feel like writing! It could be anything you enjoy!

Question #3 - Is your comic idea more about a long chapter comic or a quick-hit comic strip?

The answer to this question will be in continuation of your answer to question #2. These two comic forms are quite different from each other and require different abilities, planning, update schedules and marketing.

Question #4 - How complex will be your characters? Will they grow old with the comic or remain frozen in time?

This is a very important question that you must ponder over before starting your online comic creation journey. Many people who don’t decide on the lifespan of their characters beforehand face great problems later. Changing your decision abruptly once the comic has been running successfully for a year or so can be very confusing for the leaders. This question is all the more relevant to long-form chapter comic creators.

Question #5 - Which art creation medium or method excites you the most? Which one are you good at?

This constitutes the fun part for all the online comic creators. Once you’re sure about the gag/story you want to tell, it’s all about enjoying the process of artwork creation, by getting sucked into your zone! It could be with a paintbrush, pencil, fountain pen, or digitally on Cinitq or Tablet PC. If you’re new to online comic creation, you may need to try your hand at multiple mediums to find out which one fits your skill sets and characters the best. Put in a lot of time on character studies using different tools in different styles. Don’t get annoyed or stressed by the process. If you enjoy it, the method and characters will come to you!

Question #6 - If you feel that you’re lacking in a particular area – for ex. WordPress, coloring, writing etc., are you open to the idea of a partner?

You may have a hard time coming to terms with the reality, but if you seriously lack in a particular area of the online comic creation process, it’ll be a wiser option to join hands with a partner. Finding a good partner can be a very difficult task, so you’ll need to be very patient. The idea is to find someone who shares your passion and can show the same amount of dedication as you.

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