The effectiveness and diversity of the WordPress blogging platform can be well-judged from the fact that you can do almost anything you like with its help! People in every corner of the world make use of WordPress on a daily basis to express their thoughts, views and opinions in all sorts of ways. Anyone specifically interested in online comic creation would be glad to know that you can use WordPress for publishing of online comics too! This can be achieved by making use of a highly efficient and popular comic creation framework or theme known as ComicPress.

Actively marketed as the best comic publishing theme for the WordPress, ComicPress is already used by many web comic publications like Starship, Player vs Player, Octopus Pie, Foxtrot, Extra Life, Dr. Mc Ninja and many more. A quick look at all these web comics will give you a fair idea about the possibilities that can be explored using the ComicPress theme (with the help of some useful add-ons).

The manner in which ComicPress theme has been created, it enables the comic creators to publish their comics just like chunks of written data on the Internet. It features an inbuilt comic display and several useful navigation and archiving features, allowing you to handle and fine tune everything as you may find fitting.

The clean and neutral style of the ComicPress theme was designed for enabling creative people to use this theme as it is, without any hassles. Although, gaining some knowledge about the CSS and learning your way around it can go a long way in improving the styling of your comics, as it’ll help you make the most of customizable features, it isn’t absolutely necessary.

If you’re unsure about WordPress and are afraid of the technicalities that may be involved in ComicPress usage, you can head to various online technical forums and learn from the discussions going on there. What more, you can even start your own threads and seek help of seasoned comic creators. So, what are you waiting for?!

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